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thing-a-day 2011 - who's going to do it? Answered


Of course, you don't have to do it officially... but I signed up today and I would like to see the instructables community try their hand at it!

I've already got a list of projects to work on, and I asked off for quite a bit of time in February. I'm pretty excited! :D


Did anyone end up doing it and finishing? I'd like to see!


That's my round-up, in slideshow format. :D

Very NICE....but with the time I am afforded, I would be lucky to get out "one thing a month" LOL

Does it count if I do the same thing every day?

wow that sounds hard. mabye when im out of school and have alot of ideas and more time and money

It is pretty hard! Halfway through now!!!

Though I admit that today I'd like to sit around and play videogames all day long. I think I might just make jewelry or something. :P


7 years ago

I'm doing it, and this will be my 4th year!!! AAHHHHH!!!! For those of you worried about trying to do something each day in February, it's really not that difficult. And if you miss a day, who cares? Create something, destroy something, write something, cook something... it's whatever you mind comes up with. Just spend a few minutes each day, but not more than 30 minutes (all though I have spent hours on occasion), and create in your own way. To me, it's really more about getting your creative juices flowing and getting out of that winter 'funk'.

Plus, you get to check out what everyone else is doing and get a lot of really great ideas.


P.S. Somebody please wake me when it's Feb. 1st. ; )

Ha ! I failed at "just taking one picture a day", this would just stress me out totally :-)

I'm doin it. This will be my second year. summation.posterous.com if you'd like to follow along.


7 years ago

I'm in! Already signed up and everything, can't wait to start:)


7 years ago

It's a great idea, shame you have to sign up to some sort of wanabee facebook to connect to the site. That killed it for me :(

I worried about it at first - but sign-up is relatively pain free and it allows you to share your post with everyone participating, and also to other sites -
I've got mine set to share everything with my tumblr blog and facebook.

And hey, if nothing else, just start a slideshow on here! :D

This is great; this year I started a sketchbook doing this exact thing. 1 'spresso + kids at school = crazy idea time.

Odly enough I can't get the page to open so perhaps you can explain a little further? :)

Is the challenge to make one project each day for the rest of the year resulting in 365 projects finished in 2011 or is it about working on a project or projects each day and posting progress pics?

Personally if it's about a daily project I can already forget it. I think the closest I could get is a monthly project and even then my time is scarce. Man everyone is always talking about the need to get more money while I would gladly pay for more time...

It only goes for a month, thankfully! Don't think I could do the whole year. :P

It's really all about being as creative as you can for the month - the main page says you can do daily or weekly projects, and that you can even do one big project.

The key is just doing something small everyday and documenting it - you don't have to finish a project, just show progress. :)

I have a lot of smaller projects planned, and some will definitely take me multiple days.

Ah great :D Yeah 365 projects would be a bit much ;)

Yeah I'd be interested in joining this. My brother in law comes back from Australia in a few months and I promised him a birthday present upon his return. And the 31st is my last examn so I would have 2,5 weeks to do whatever I want :D

Perhaps I'll make his birthday present my project :) He's crazy over some of the rubberband gun's I posted on this site. So I think I'll suprise him with a home made army box full of different rubberband guns of different designs :D

Wowzers!!! What a great challenge for the mid- winter blahs! thanks for letting us know about it!