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tile cleaner needed. Answered


I need your help in this.I have a problem at home.the floor tiles at the bathroom were stained due to no use for around one year.I've been trying hard to fix it but not so helpful.could you recommend some stuffs that i could get from market to deal with this headache.

thank you



Hire a company which has an adequate equipment
for cleaning tiles, and by the way you can renovate whole bathroom, bathtub,
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See yourself, what a difference.

Old fashioned Bleach, a little soap and a LOT OF ELBOW GREASE. That'll do it.

Most bathroom tile stains usually come out with some elbow grease and whatever kitchen cleaners you have on hand. You might have some mineral deposit residue "rusty or green copper pipe or hard mineral water" stains which there are cleaners specific to dissolve those stains. I have heard that using some oven cleaner(may contain lye) would work. Scouring powders might be needed. Just don't mix bleach and ammonia products which release a toxic gas. Good luck.

Powdered Comet works great, with a bit of water and a lot of scrubbing

That is the stuff my mom used on the porcelain cast iron bathtub and sink, kinda wore out some spots. I don't think those soft scrub cleaners work as well though.

Know how many mop buckets of water it takes to remove comet off the floor because someone wanted to strip wax?

No, but it takes at least 2 good privates and an NCO to supervise them? It just better be sparkling in the morning. When is that ible on hotrodding the floor buffer for buffer rodeo coming out?

last time I used a floor buffer I "acquired it" , it was broken, drew too many amps and kept tripping the breakers. And this was BEFORE we hopped on it and drove it into a filing cabinet. The buffer pad looked like Ms pac-man when we "returned" it

The soft scrubs compared to Comet is like using 1000 grit sandpaper, in comparison with 50 grit. It works, it just takes forever....

For stains on tiles, I have found that boiling water splashed on the tiles and scrubbed hard does wonders.

You don't get done quickly, just a tile at a time, but it works, and uses no smelly or corrosive chemicals.