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to hook-up portable washer to sink Answered

 when putting the adapter on do i hold in the red button or what.never did before.please help


Well, it's hard to say for sure without knowing what model of connector fitting you have, but most likely the red button is a bypass valve used to relieve pressure and drain water from the hose after you're done using the washer, and to get water from the faucet while the washer is running.
It should not be necessary to press the button while installing the connector. There should be either a sliding collar/quick release kind of coupler or a threaded attachment that just lives on the sink faucet all the time, which the connector for the hose attaches into.
If you have a picture or a model number I could maybe be more specific.

+1. I grew up with one and that's how it worked.

I inherited another when I got married and we moved into a rental property. Worked the same.

To apply the intake/outlet hose to the faucet, you pull down on the annular locking ring and slip the faucet nozzle into the inlet fitting. The nozzle is a special pice that's usually not part of a sink (more often it will be an aerator nozzle). If you do not have the mating nozzle, you'll need to visit the hardware store and purchase one

It would help to know the brand name. You can google it and see if you can find instructions.