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today at school Answered

i was pushed down the stairs, and it hurt, so i told the principal, and then i went to class and got in trouble cause i didnt have a note, isnt that messed up? oh yeah, i put a little diy amp i found in my shed on my bike with 4" 10watt pioneer speakers, it sounds really good, not the best but when you cant hear people going around you on the bike trail, it scares the hell out of me when they zoom past, still its pretty kool and has pretty good bass


I usually just fall down the stairs without anyone pushing me....

lol i have yet to fall down the stairs at my school.

Today at our track meet I almost fell down the bleachers three different times in 10 seconds.

Probably didn't help that I had my track spikes on though...

I think one stair is off in my school because I have tripped up the stairs on it 8-10 times this year..... :( I could just be clumsy, but......I'd rather a physical defect in the school. :)

I have yet to trip on stairs in schools

but what I do find realing annoying is the really shallow long stairs. IF you go one at a time you go really slow. If you go 2 at a time you look like a dork and it's not very comfortable.

one a seperate note I did trip once on a tiny tiny ridge inbetween doors (almost unnoticable, like a 1mm difference in layers) at school. My friend was like "how the f*** do you trip on that?"

its more comfortable in shorts and running or when your really tall

i have to say, the worst is climbing up an escalator thats not moving. the stairs at the top and bottom are all wrong, so i go really slowly up them

WATCH OUT FOR THAT ANT! i didn't want you to trip.

Me too, I'm always skinning my knee falling up the stairs!

I'm also not very good at walking straight.... If a cop pulled me over because he thought I was drunk and made me walk on a line I would fail...

My school doesn't have stairs. One floor, but it's wide.

I could probably find something to fall down anyway....

I got pushed and fell up the stairs and the same day fell down a different set of stairs at school.

When I went to HS, the main stairwell was referred to as Hollywood and Vine. The reason was it was soooo busy. So crowded that it took about a minute to go up one flight. It was impossible to fall down those stairs while classes were changing, it was packed that tight.

i just use the stairs at the other end of the school, almost no one uses them but the person who pushed me did

Believe me, where I went to HS, that was a bit of a hike, which is why everyone used the middle staircase.

It's funny, I still have nightmares now and then about a few things in HS:
1) being late for class, because I went to the wrong homeroom on the first day,
2) forgetting my locker comination
3) some odd things going on in the stairway window wells, that I just kind of avoided.... *shrug* :-)


10 years ago

I never trip going down the stairs because I always slide down the hand rail when I go down.At my school, if you start fake crying the principal feels sorry for you. Like once I punched this kisd cause he was pissing me off and I had to go to the principals office and I started fake crying and saying it was an accident, and the principal was just like, "Ok, but don't do it again."


10 years ago

I don't need stairs to fall down or get pushed over on.=>

Sounds like my school. They give out detentions for the most ridiculous things.

i just ask for a lunch detention instead, cause, ooh, oh my god, a lunch detention! woo hoo! its pretty funny just act like a lunch detention is like getting an in school suspension.

When my brother was in school, he was walking to class and some kid walked up to him and stabbed him with a screwdriver. My brother tossed the kid down the stairs, white shirt now red, and wandered off towards the office. Then he got in trouble for not being in class. Their's a lot of things that have happened to my brother at school. He split his head open running under a bridge in the playground once. My mom got a phone call from a bored-sounding principle "Uhh, you might want to come here... your son's bleeding from the head..."