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too much damp.....dehumidifier has anyone made one? Answered

I'm thinking of building a dehumidifier to deal with aspace of 120 cubic metres has anyone done one and can you give any guidance...... i searched on here and all i found was an instructable to build a bass fiddle?


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Take the divider out of an air conditioner use a single fan to suck from the hot side and blow to the cold side of the air conditioner (hot side is the side outside your window).

The hot side will warm the air; the moisture in the warm air will condense on the cold coils and drain off.

Capture the water and dispose of.



5 years ago

Water vapor is every where, in fact every exhale puts more objectionable ( to you )
water vapor into the air around your body.

Excess moisture in air will condense on a cold surface to a liquid which may be collected
and drained or pumped to a drain.

The cold surface can be produced by a refrigerator / air-conditioner compressor or a
 Peltier Thermo-electric cooler available on eBay.

There will be the necessary small fan to push out de-humidified air and bring in more
air to loose its moisture to a cold surface.

Also each of these cooling devices generate heat as a by product of the
cooling process.  The heat can be kept within the room as a fridge or
exhausted out a window as an air-conditioner


5 years ago