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top 10 coolest things to make for under $20? Answered

title says it all really
im on holidays and have a bit of extra time on my hands so i thought i might make some stuff
im not looking for anything massive just some simple stuff that will impress my friends :)
stuff like a disposable camera taser (ive recently made one)


a duct tape sculpture. buy 10$ worth of clay, and 10 $ worth of duct tape, mold the clay, and wrap it in said duct tape.

$15 worth of paper, and a pack of pencils/pens
You could tape it to a big (or small...) window and trace the scenery, color it in, paint it in...
Heck, just do the outlines, make a huge paint by number for an artsy friend.
Trace parts of one scenery, move the paper, and add parts of another.
That idea just came to me out of nowhere- I think I might try that myself one day.
Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but the things made best with $20 are most likley going to use a substantial amount of tallent and/or intricacy.  What are you good at?

Nice idea Tunesrlife!! I'm going to have a shot at this!

Cool :)
If you think it turns out well, I hope to see it.
I might make an instructable on it as well.

i was thinking something electronic haha
because ive got stacks of broken stuff in my room so i have alot of that sort of stuff

You should post some of the stuff you have.
Or type it in to the instructables bar.
That way people know what to give you.