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trackmania on steam? Answered

i have trackmania nations forever, installed and whatever, and you can get it on steam, i dont want to download it all over again seeing as i already have it
how do i add it to steam?
i want to add friends in steam but i need to have games to be able to do that and i have added track mania by:
add new game -->add a non steam game--> whatever but it still says i need games in steam what should i do?, is there any files to convert trackmania into a steam game?


TrackMania Nations Forever is free to play through Steam. Just uninstall the copy you have and launch and install it from the link in Steam. That should add it to your Library and allow you to more easily play with your friends. That is the only way to fully add it to Steam. At less than 1GB it shouldn't take to long to re-download.

FYI, since it is a third party game you should be able to play with your friends on Steam even if you are not playing through Steam. It's just easier if you are all playing through Steam.

The steam online community is only for games purchased in steam - you need to buy at least one game (or get a game code and activate the game in steam)...

You can have your copy of trackmania installed and run via steam just as you are doing - by adding it to the list.