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transformerless ac to dc power supply conversion? Answered

Input of AC supply is 24v 
output wanted from in DC of 2.5amp
Without using transformer.

please help.


Thanks a lot for the concern.
But I do not want to build it.
Just want to know if it is the right. One.

An SMPS includes a transformer.

an SPMS does include a transformer and i realised my mistake we cannot use it.

also input voltage is 24v not 230v.

i have attached a circuit is that the right one.

how do i find the value of an x rated capacitor.

Transformer less AC to DC power supply circuit using dropping capacitor.png

This kind of circuit is deadly in amateur hands. It is NOT ISOLATED from the mains, and can kill. Hence we use transformers.

I am not sure where the question as you seem to have put the answer up your self - Switched Mode Power supply. Assuming the voltage you need is less then 230v.

If you need approximatly 230 V DC then simply rectify the mains with a bridge rectifier.

Really there is too little information here to answer the question well.

Hi thanks for the answer
All my uncle told me was he needed an AC - Dc
Converter without a transformer.
For an input voltage of 230v ac, to get an output of 2.5amp from the circuit.
Smps I gathered from my research.I am really bad at this...please help me.