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Transformers Answered

I am trying to turn 3v dc into 300v dc to charge some capacitors I plan to use to make a coil gun. Any way I can do this cheaply and relatively easily would be a huge help!



10 years ago

Disposable cameras do 1.5V to about 300V, but they tend to fry themselves when you get much above 3V; I've seen some circuits that seem to re-wire them so that their transformer primaries are in series and the secondaries are in parallel, which lets you operate at a higher input voltage and output current. There used to be relatively inexpensive electronic flash units for cameras that ran off of two AA batteries, but these seem difficult to find now that such flashes tend to be built into even the least expensive cameras (find a cheap camera with flash designed to work from 2 AA batteries, and that might be a reasonable source.)

thanks I think will just stick with 1.5v to 300v for now