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trebuchet? Answered

i'm thinking about building a 1 meter high (working) model of a trebuchet. does anyone have advice on this, like what can go wrong, which materials, lengths, etc. and what could be used as a projectile? note: i know perfectly what a trebuchet is, and how it works. i just don't have experience with model building.


I made one once for a science fair project. You should probably use wood to make it, but use strong wood, since it'll be under a lot of pressure. The farthest throwing trebuchets have wheels so that they can roll when they throw and have a basket style weight (hangs from arm). You should also put multiple holes in your trebuchet's arm, so that you can adjust it for best results. Good luck!

hmm...hyperactiveguy...why does that sound so familiar? i haven't thought of wheels underneath it. thank you for the advice! how big was your one?

sorry... my computer hasn't let me reply till now for some reason :( Anyway I saw a special on catapults and they compared wheels to no wheels and baskets to no baskets... Mine was small about two feet tall, but my teacher has one smaller than mine that can throw pretty far... I've seen big ones throw almost all the way across a football field (american of course).