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trigger in front of hopper? Answered

how bad would a trigger be if it was in front of the mag, for example an uzi, the ram rod will be pushing the ammo but both ammo and ram gets held back by the trigger so no time to accelerate.


I wrote a short article on the physics of this kind of stuff for KI. Pushing the bullet is a bad idea. I'll try to explain it simply. When the firing pin pushes(instead of hits) the bullet, the bullet can only go as fast as the firing pin can move. All that impact energy is left in the firing pin and gets transferred to the gun instead of the bullet.

Very true. And it also adds more friction to the system so the firing pin can't accelerate as much.

I've built it, the reason the power was bad is that the barrel was only tans. I modified it so the rounds fit better and it was a lot more powerfull.

how woul that help though? it seems like such an insignificant change...

A gun loses a lot of power if the rounds don't fit in the barrel correctly. They collide with the part that's exposed and that way it loses a lot of power.

Ahh, Very true. Still, You could never get a lot of power from that mechanism, just because the ram has no room to accelerate. The dd-27 has loads of room to accelerate, thats why it shoots so hard.

I actually didn't get any serious power out of the DD-27. Simple reason for that, the trigger didn't work. You're right anyway, but I'm saying that the sniper isn't as weak as you thought.

Yeah, It sounds like you improved it a lot. I did a few minor changes to my dd-27, and although the trigger was flimsy, it still worked pretty well every time.


Dsman's sidearm is a great example of this....

I'll post a pic of one gun I made that has a trigger in front of a mag and it is very powerful.

ok thanks, and i always thought those are weaker..

i cant really see the picture, but i assume you had a rod that goes behind the trigger and the actual block is behing the hopper. well i'll try using something like that for my next gun, as soon as i get some more pieces >_< PS. i meant blocker in front of mag.

The block is at the end of the gun. The trigger is attached to rods which carry the movement towards the back where it pulls the block away.

. Don't know if this will help in the K'nex world, but, with real guns, that arrangement is called a bullpup.

yep, your right. though i have not seen very many knex instructables that actually call it that.

my sidearm has a trigger in front of the mag. it works fine.

well, I tried putting a mag behind the trigger, but the concept failed. I wonder if it was the trigger...

its summer vacation, you got all the time in the world to try again

yeah, but I don't got all the pieces in the world to try again...

well, i used up all my rods making the gun....