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trouble downloading e-books Answered

I am trying to download an e-book but don't understand how to accomplish this. I chose the "How To Make Cheese", hit the download button, it tells me what app I need for what device. I want to put it on my PC, already have Acrobat, now what??


Hopefully I have attached a screen shot. I'm using Windows 7 & Firefox.

Instructables page.png

You've got zoom issues.

See the two narrow yellow lines above the "View Instructables" button?

Those are the buttons you need to click.

Press "CTRL+" until the web page fills the full width of your page, and the buttons will be uncovered.

Thank you SO much!!! I zoomed out as far as I could but could still only see the bottom 1/8" or so of the buttons. I figured, what the hell, clicked on the left button and voila! I got the PDF of the book and it's just what I was looking for so, thanks again.

I have the same problem. There is no "Download PDF or ebook" button. I'm a 2-year Pro member.

If you have an AdBlocker installed for your browser, you could try disabling it, or add instructables.com to the safe/white list, as AdBlockers can stop some elements from fully loading.

Sometimes just clearing your browsers cache, and even deleting the Instructables cookie, then reloading the site can fix minor issues. (You'll be issued a new cookie when you reload the site).

If none of that solves the problem, could you provide a screenshot of what you see? It would also help to know what OS you use (and version number) as well as your browser (and version number).

You want to hit the download PDF button. You just then have to figure out where your browser puts downloaded files so you can open up the file from there. When you doubleclick the file it should open up in acrobat reader.

You could also download the free calibre ebook software for the pc and get the ebook type file to use in there.