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truth or dare Answered

HI , its time for a truth or dare forum. The purpose is to get more comments by daring someone to do it! :0 _-_ lion PS you have no idea how board *bored (someone in in ibles chat room) i was




I dare you to build a knex gun that is awesome.

Dare or Truth?

Truth, because I know your dare will be something that isnt wanted.

List every single song in your collection. EVERY SINGLE SONG.

Oh and I just got 2 Notorious BIG songs pirated.

and did you read my list above?

I'm sorry, did you just call me silly?
I never told you my play list, just that it's easy =P

OK. Here is all the songs on my iPod. Chris brown Ft. T-pain- Kiss kiss Dr. Dre- The chronic- full album Eminem- My name is Eminem- Lose yourself Eminem- Shake that Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 cent- crack a bottle Green Day- Holiday GS Boyz- stanky legg Kayne west- stronger Kayne West- Can't tell me nothing Kayne West- Flashing lights Lil Wayne- A milli Lil Wayne ft. T-pain- got money Lil Wayne- Mrs. Officer Lil Wayne ft. Static Major- lollipop Ludacris- theater of the mind- full album The Notorious BIG- Juicy The Notorious BIG- Hypnotize The Notorious BIG- Warning The Notorious BIG ft. Eminem- Dead wrong The Notorious BIG- Unbelievable Pop it off boyz- crank dat batman Shop boyz- party like a rockstar Slim thug- I run Soulja boy- Souljaboytellem- full album T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne- Can't believe it Yung LA- Aint I 2pac- Keep your head up 2pac- 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted 50 cent- Get up I have heard more, but thats all I feel like buying for my iPod now.

only the ones that I like a lot.

I buy off itunes or pirate the songs.

my turn! truth or dare?

ok, i dare you to 5 star all of my ibles! lol and i dare you to... lick a toilet plunger! your turn!

k i dare you toooooo ........(three days later) ummmmm build me a knex famas!

oooh! good idea! did you five star all me ibles? and lick a toilet plunger?

Ok, gonna work on famas when I get time! Truth or dare??

of course! what was i thinking?! that make perfect sense. ok, my turn, truth or dare?

umm, yea it is, umm, lets try for truth this time

when is your sniper going to be posted?

when i say it will!!! gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk :P to tell you the TRUTH (lol) i think i will finish the pics this weekend, and i will have the ible up by the end of next week for sure. i really dont have any time to work on it, and my parents are getting mad at me for even "wasting" time with the pics, but im trying to get it up for you guys, so be greatful! lol :P

Can you try to get it done before saturday? I'm going to alaska on saturday! its okay if you cant.

ill try, but its gonna be hard, we being asigned more hw nowadays, but ill definitly try

sniff sniff, i tried didn't i? you just hurt my feelings! :P