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trying to feed video into a 3.55 mm port on car dvd Answered

My car dvd player has twoscreens. One DVD player feeds the other screen when you select either one to act as an A/V in. It accepts the video feed sent from one player to the next via a 3.55 male to male cable.

I had this idea that if the one screen receives a video signal from the other player than I could bypass the DVD sending the signal and send a video signal from another device (my iphone 4) using the same method. I bought a Iphone 4 to rca audio and video cable to run the video feed out of the phone. THEN in theory I thought that an RCA to 3.55 male converter would allow me to run the video line out of the iphone into the DVD players screen. I would have to sacrfice one audio line (left or right, didn't matter) to plug the video into it BUT I thought in theory this wouldn't matter as audio/ video RCA seems to send video feed just fine.

NOW, I have it all in place but it doesn't work. Any ideas how I can make this 3.55 female line in on the DVD screen get a video signal from an iphone? 

Thanks for any advice here.


the 3.5mm video deals like phones use have 3 "connectors" 2 audio and 1 video I think (like mpilchfamily was asking). i'd place a wager that your RCA to to 3.5mm only has 2. i'd go a step further and guess that the cable that comes with the system has 3 on both ends.

You are correct with your wager! So the cable I bought that's RCA to 3.55mm DOES have only 2 rings. SO, now I ask is it possible to send video on a cable with only two rings if I run only one line (mono) audio and the video (yellow)?

The reason I'm having such a problem with this is to complicate matters it turns out my iphone port has corrosion inside and could very well be affecting the video send. I am in the process of trading my phone in for a new one. I guess I'm curious in the meantime if even with a new one if that 2 ring cable will ever work and if not, can I convert a 3.55 mm cable with 3 rings to accept the rca video I am trying to send?

did a quick google and it looks like the iphone's port is a "3 ring" type...HOWEVER, the third ring is for a microphone not for video.

apparently older iPods had the 3 ring where one was a video port.

I don't know if there's an adapter for the iphone 30 pin port (or whatever the big port is on the thing these days)

Do you have an app to enable video out on the iphone? Did you test your cable configuration on a regular TV to see if signal is coming out?

What kind of 3.5mm connector does that system use? Does it have 2 black rings on the connector or 3? If it only has 2 then your RCA to 3.5mm cable should work. Just try swapping out which connection is going to video and which is going to audio. Keep in mind the yellow connector on your iPhone cable is the video.