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trying to look for a good gun to get, can anyone help? Answered

I am trying to look for a good, (preferably full-metal, but not needed), efficient, inexpensive airsoft gun. Can anyone give me a hand?


M4!!!!! Many decisions. Check Evike they have good guns.

look on hobby tron cheap guns good gear and large selection

a good sniper would be black ops sniper

i hav a UTG master sniper w/ a leepers scope that shoots 410 w/ .20 gram bb.s it was about 100 bucks. the stock is plastic but im positive evry thing else is metal

Buy an Aeg from a Tokyo Marui clone company such as JG or Echo 1.

You haven't given us nearly enough details to recommend something to you. For example do you want a pistol, smg sized weapon, sniper, etc.? How fast do you want it to fire if it's full automatic. What exactly is your FPS requirement? How inexpensive is inexpensive seeing how you're looking for a full metal gun. Those range from $100+. How big of a magazine does it need? All of those would be helpful to know so we could help you better.

Big 5 sporting goods carries a FAMAS scale model spring powered rifle. It has adjustable front and back sights, a 45 round clip, 370 fps, its well balanced, has a laser sight rail, a removable scope rail, is extremely accurate, and extremely powerful. And it only cost me $30.

i would say a pistol or a sniper. FPS is really not too big a deal too me, as long as can easily shoot across the field i shoot across. inexpensive being under $250, because i have seen very expensive guns. magazine woudlnt be an issue either, as snipers and pistols dont have too big a clip. sorry i didnt write all too much information at first, but i didnt know what to write.