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turbines and free energy Answered

I seriously need to know this question is it just more or does anyone else realize that you can get pure free energy using simple turbines and 2 other sources of energy in sequence if anyone can answer it ill say if they are right or wrong and if no one says the right answer ill just say it loud and clear so people can start saving the bundles of money that the power companies like to drain from us


the us patent office is "over run" by idiots who can't fully understand the physical laws they preach. like the 17 known PM devices already in existence, let alone the fact all things in the universe great and small, from heavenly body's to the smallest particles yet perceived, "are in motion". mostly unobserved, ridiculed and covered up by Illuminati NWO,Vatican. these are the exact same idiots in control of the US military industrial complex, northern contingent armies and even the white house. they live among us and even sit in church beside you, if they witness right doctrine,truth,liberty,justice, they ensue to remove leadership,ownership,ability. by fear,death threat or even buy-out.. Don't let the nay sayer's discourage your work. be of great courage and continue the fight. "we have nothing to fear but fear" we die anyway, we die still miserable if we don't! the rest should be "constructive" to either help in the work or at least build a wall between us.

"the 17 known PM devices already in existence"

As they say; [citation needed].

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

That sounds like you had a patent turned down for being infeasible. It must have been bad, since I know of a man who managed to get a patent for a faster-than-light spacecraft powered by a 9V battery...

That answer,My answer is YES I do "realize" it. I am in the act of making it "real", everyday!

as an aside, when you can win physics the debate and show public proof to the nay sayer's, pop culture's top paid tv scientist,"brilliant minds" and serve them up some "free lunch", serve it cold!

they stop wanting to debate, nay-say or discredit your work... they then want to publicly proclaim you as "delusional", steal your prototypes instill fear in you. I know how to defeat that also, let them know you have dispersed many prototypes!

in truth, it does exist, "they" wont let the world have it, chase bank can't stay rich & in control with you having it. this is the brink,the presifice, the place where humanity either rises to the occasion or they submit to the control. like I said, we all die some way, I refuse to stay miserable.


I see a lot of accusations there, but no actual facts. There is no "debate" about free energy, it simply cannot exist, and every single device subjected to proper examination has proven to either be a case of bad metering, poor maths, or outright fraud.

No prototypes have ever been stolen (not counting any devices stolen for scrap metal value), no free energy proponents have ever been "terrorised", or subjected to any more ridicule than they deserve.


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As entertaining as this might be there is one absolute flaw in your plan. No patent office will issue you a patent. As a matter of policy perpetual motion devices are not considered for patents. Therefore even if it were to work there would be no profit in it at all and so there is no point in pursuing it.

sorry haven't been on or able to work but half of what i had with me in the other hospital was stolen before my dad or brother could get in the building to get my things including my most recent invention book the only thing i still have from it is the first page and not even because its a picture i took of the first page demonstrating a theoretical warp engine if anyone would like to see that i can i'm still trying to get replacement equipment for working on this invention for power it's been difficult starting from scratch as well as i am trying to get my original designs from storage not easy when all my things are in my moms attic and too much of a problem to go into and a bit personal lets just say moms violent and parents are divorced so my brothers the only who can get my things unfortonately he works for the state and because all the damage from the storm hes been too busy to help get what i need

I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you what you're talking enough about to explain yourself more clearly?


There's "detailed explanation" below on this thread.


ok step by step

Battery of your choosing
electric motor
turbines of any size of your choosing this depends on how powerful you want the output to be but the gears also play a part in this because the smaller the teeth are on a gear the faster it will rotate the gears that are connecting with it


Setup your motor with your batter and have an extra connection going into the batter where you will eventually connect maybe 1 or 2 of the turbines to in order to supply a constant charge from the turbines

the motor is set up with a gear oh and before i forget its best to have all the gears the same size with the same amount of teeth this should be obvious because difference in teeth will decide if the gears work together or not that will be connected to the motor and the many turbines

ok now that you have your battery set up with the motor and a gear on the motors rotational pin your going to basically do the same with the turbines by attaching gears that will rotate them then have all the turbines linked to 1 circuit for the negative charges and 1 for the positive the negative one will be the one that takes some of the turbines and uses them to recharge the battery while the positive one will send power out to what ever it is you wish to power with it weathers its a energy storage unit or have directly to the thing your powering house car what ever this has applications to many things depending on the size of the container you will be making this in as well as the size of the turbines and the motor itself along with the battery

get it now???

problem is it takes MORE energy to run the turbines than charge the battery. I know, reality sucks. ;-)

also what is this weirdness with it takes more energy to run a turbine then charge the battery if you think bout what you said it doesn't make sense considering they do make windup devices that have turbines you turn just by hand and your telling me a simple motor wouldn't be able to do what a human arm can do even though it has more potential to turn at a more constant rate where as the human arm will eventually tire out after turning something that long

Have you any training in the conservation of energy, electronics, mathmatics, etc at all? You seem not to know anything along those lines.

i do and i know the problems you're all talking bout i remade my designs so many times i lost count i got at least 15 note books full of designs i been remaking over n over since was bout 4 where i won my first computer state award few others as well just haven't the chance i have now to actually work on anything i came up with do to all the operations i been getting over the years n the fact most hospitals wont allow that kind of equipment in the building to be handle by anyone besides maintenance but finally found a place where i can get all my gear from storage with a room big enough to set up my lab as i had it before my back caved in

Again, not being familiar with real world physics would be the only reason it doesn't make sense. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so, even with Perfectly frictionless mechanical parts (which is impossible), And perfect energy conversion (again, not possible in the real world) you'd STILL have to overcome the understanding that it takes far MORE energy to charge a battery than the discharge because again, energy is dissipated in heat, etc. This is loss, this makes a self-staining contraption impossible.

Here is a link to a better explanation of charge / discharge rates

And  the following deals with battery internal resistance....

Honestly this has to be the worlds worst attempt at a diss in all of history not to mention adding the emoticon to it just makes it even worse you should really think before you speak because your statement is the most stupid comment i have ever heard in my life what do you think those handles are turning in emergency survival electronics that charges the battery for you to use them i mean really it only took me like 30seconds turning one on a light just to charge the battery for it to last about an hour i mean just wow i can't believe what you said and you're suppose to be an inventor this just has me so confused on how someone like you can say something of that magnitude without even considering the fact that the techs been made for years now literally japan has kits sold with tons of things that can be recharged from this because the handle is attached to a mini turbine which when turned charges the batter so how i mean really i can't even think of a way to say just how stupid of remark this was

*sigh* take some simple courses to start with, then move up to simple math, and simple electronics, toss in some mechanical engineering and then we'll talk, until then, you are blathering

yet another failure at a diss not even going to comment on it this time

I am not dissing, I am offering you advice. You don't build a bridge before knowing how to. And even speaking of building a bridge if you haven't the knowledge to do so, is useless.

ok sorry an correct i answered your question from jan 1st bout that i been working on the designs for a long time & i'll admit i did encounter problems but i kept working on them only able to build 3d models with n old friend who was good at art both on n off the computer sadly my back took most my time so getting past computer modeling never happened

and the following, a cut and paste from your post makes NO sense at all: then have all

the turbines linked to 1 circuit for the negative charges and 1 for the positive the negative one will be the one that takes some of the turbines and uses them to recharge the battery while the positive one will send power out

hmm it confuses me how you cant understand that turbines give off the positive charge where you then have an extra connection running from the negative part of the battery to take in the charge but that was trying to put it as simple as possible you can label them how ever you wish but any way im just going to do a picture by picture with video of this once i have me things from the other building at the moment cant really do much because they're not allowing anyone in since the first floor was completely flooded and some the inner walls are being replaced

though you guys were suppose to brainiacs never expected i'd have to give a demonstration of such simple design

It is because we study that we understand why your idea;

a) Has been tried before, many times.
b) Will not work
c) Cannot work.

However, you seem determined to show that you are correct, which is why we have suggested that you build the machine - it seems that the only thing that will convince you is a concrete demonstration.

Obviously, if one of "us" built the device and declared it to be a failure, you would, in turn, declare us to be cheating, or not doing it properly etc, so the only remaining option is for you to discover for yourself that your idea cannot produce the results you claim.

Should you discover that your idea works, take careful note of your data, and guard your design carefully, because you would be in a position to sell the design for billions within hours of success.

Insulting those that understand physics and the electro-magnetic spectrum better then you do, will not earn you any brownie points. for sure

It doesn't confuse me that one can make up how energy on the electro-magnetic spectrum works. Now, if you took a few courses (some are offered on line and some are even free), then returned with a "working knowledge"; we can continue our conversation.

i know doesn't it when people keep missing the parts about the gears or sprockets as i last said being used to turn the turbines from the motor then routing some of the turbines power back to the negative part of the battery so that the turbines can provide a constant charge its very hard for someone like you to comprehend so sad ;-)

going too asap just waiting to retrieve my tools an equipment from the flooded building i was in luck has it was only the 1st my things were on the 3rd but they closed off the entire building for the time being until repairs finish and building inspectors can check it

actually your all over thinking it, the answer is simple as making an old fashion clock with merely a 9v battery you can design a small power box capable of powering your home and charging a large energy storage system the basics of it is that all you really need to use is a small electronic motor with a series of mini turbines and gears by doing this you can continuosly charge the small battery that powers the motor that turns the gear on it which in turn turns the gears connected to the turbines and as you all know gears can change the speed of things based upon how many brackets are on each of the gears so technically you can produce more power by have a gear on the motor powered by the battery have a bunch of tiny brackets as well as the same on the turbine to produce more power than that which is being used to spin it

That won't work. However, I gave my mate Piet a VCR head-assembly and some Neodymium magnets for his idea, so maybe he'll  have something next year.


would work because the turbines would be sending power back to the battery plus the external storage system then not to mention like i said with gears you have the teeth the smaller the teeth are the faster they will spin so technically you could use a mini motor with a gear on it to turn a series of turbines using a bunch of gears attached to each turbine to produce more power then which the battery itself has allowing to keep few of the turbines charging the battery while the rest power or at least store power into an external unit

ok listen this is actually quite simple i'm actually a little confused how you can't understand the basics of this all you really need to think of is how old fashion clocks worked with a wind up key replace the wind up key with a motor powered by a battery n have it power the clocks systems but at the same time you're basically having another clock within the clock which is supplying new power to the battery as everything turns

I'm a little confused how you can think that that would work. Surely you realise that you'd need to add as much energy as you'd get back, and also lose energy to friction, so you'd effectively be losing energy in the whole system?

Right meaning he'd have to add MORE energy from the outside to even break even.

RIGHT ! If you DON'T wind it up (input outside energy) it never runs....AND if measured, the output of the clock is directly porportional to the input, many times in a decreasingly exponential way.

lets hold off on this for a bit till i can construct the model version & demonstrate it properly because i will admit there is probably something i'm not explaining correctly

Ok, but work on this a bit in the mean time, on your "generator": :

Multiply the voltage in volts by the current in amps of the primary of the transformer. Record the figure.

Multiply the voltage in volts by the current in amps of the secondary of the transformer. Record the figure.

Subtract the secondary power from the primary power. The answer equals your power loss. Example: the primary voltage of 440 volts with a current of 3 amps equals a power of 1320 watts. A secondary voltage of 220 volts with current at 5.7 amps equals a power of 1210 watts. Subtracting 1254 from 1320 equals 66 watts, which indicates that your transformer loses 66 watts, mostly in the heat it dissipates.

My main expertise deals in mostly electronic hardware development and design i've done some volunteer work from certain programs online not able to say under agreements of the contracts i signed for short term i was constantly tested by the government program for possible enrollment in the Games And Theory department of the MT but with how fast my back was degenerating they though i would be dead by the time i was 10 so they stopped hounding me main reason behind that was because my teachers kept recommending me for so many programs that higher sources started taking interest so i know what i'm talking bout & i'm 100% positive the design i currently have would work once i'm able to get to it which after bout 15 years of remaking the designs and over 21 operations later i finally have the chance to begin working on the many things i started designing to help better our planet like in my profile as i say i want to better the world so most my designs for things are green tech based everything from medical tools to your every day house gardening

wish i had my note book on me i have some notations next to the design close to what you put i think there may be something new i can add in that you just made me think of

I think you're saying that adding a generator to a "clockwork," and it will dutifully produce electricity without any "cost" (loses in the system due to the underlying physics). And adding another electrical "load" to the system--such a motor to wind the clockwork--is also without any associated "cost."

But you're missing something else in addition to what others have pointed out--any electromagnetic generator (or alternator) creates a mechanical load proportional to the electrical load you place on it--i.e., the more current you try to draw from the generator, the harder it is to turn.

Basically, even if you ignore friction, and loses charging batteries, etc. (which you cannot in the real world), it's always a loosing proposition to attempt to draw more energy from a system then it had to start.

There's just no way around this. It's not a matter of people misunderstanding your proposal; we've all probably thought about such a system at one point or another and rejected it...

ok based on what Goodhart said this is starting to seem like people with pro accounts not wanting this to get out because you're scared of what may happen to the economy if people find out there is a cheap and easy way to get free energy because i mean seriously Goodhart re read what you said then think about all the emergency lights and radios that have been developed for emergency kits what is the common thing they all have an is used to recharge the battery can anyone answer this????

What you're trying to convince people is that you've discovered perpetual motion.


He HAS discovered perpetual motion. This thread is STILL going !!!