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turkey tek- Finalist Answered

turkey tek is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
Interactive Multitouch Display
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For those that care what I would do with a laser cutter:

1. I will use the laser cutter to shape young minds; precisely.

2. I will use the laser cutter to engrave space filling curves on everything...even other space filling curves.

3. I will use the laser cutter to build up furniture out of layers of cardboard.

4. I will use the laser cutter to build the structural elements of another laser cutter. High power laser diodes are getting incredibly cheap these days. Once I have time to understand how to build high current pulsed power supplies without current overshoot, itsa done deal.

5. I will use the laser cutter to fairly divide complicated pies among multiple individuals. Coupled with cheap desktop FDM (food deposition manufacture) machines, you will soon be able to download a fractal pie from the internet, fabricate it, and then cut it into little tiny fractaline pieces, all the while not wearing any pants.

6. I will use the laser cutter in a massive alternate reality game I've been planning for several years which will involve fabricating 2**12 unique procedurally generated puzzles.

7. I will use the laser cutter to double the number of gold spheres I own by making the byzantine, low kerf cuts required to implement the Banach-Tarski paradox

8. I will use the laser cutter to efficiently remove corporate logos from consumer goods. This is something I currently do with sandpaper or an exacto knife, but with a laser cutter, I would offer to do it FREE for anyone who wanted to send me their cellphone, mouse, laptop, etc.

9. I will use the laser cutter to machine microfluidic devices for experimental kitchen use.

10. I will use the laser cutter to piece aperiodic quilts and quilts of varying curvatures

11. I will use the laser cutter to do anything any other finalist proposes to do, twice!


Cardboard furniture sounds lovely!

I give this guy A+++++++ His idea is great and was an inspiration to begin further research into this kind of technology.

This is pretty cool, but could anyone give some practical applications for this? besides touching it and having pretty colors show up

the only practical "application" is that for some reason it makes using a computer more enjoyable. personally i'm interested in ways of controlling audio synthesis software and in board games. another part of my motivation in building this was as a test/prototype for a friend who wants to install such a system in public grade school classrooms in rhode island. contingent on interesting software, it has the advantage of allowing multiple children to use it simultaneously which isn't supported well by standard computer interfaces.


11 years ago

This is a fantastic project. I can't wait to build my own.

FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best project ever