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tv and remote matching Answered

my friends have a tv and digital cable box

the remote of the box can be configured to be able to control the tv too. they played with this setting and now none of the remotes can control the tv

how can this be fixed ? (so atleast the tv remote works)

both remotes are functional (you see if you shoot the remotes at a digital camera) and the box remote can control the box

tv is jvc av-21etg2
cable box is advanced digital broadcast (adb) decoder (from hot cable tv company)


its adb abq-6940

the thing was installed by the cable tv guys and they dont have any docs now (did not get or lost). the guys also configured the adb remote for the tv. they did not touch the tv remote. both remotes worked

i found handwritten instructions in the remote. they are on the back of the cover of where you insert the batteries. i tried it as is and with all the other jvc codes from this manual but it did not work

the remote is not the one in the pdf so i used the instructions written inside the remote and changed only the code

it still does not work

the remote in the image is not the one but another identical


the remote is not adb but some old untitled one that magically happenewd to work with the adb box

the remote does not have the exact same buttons as the adb one. i dont know how to config it except the instructions written on it

iPhone = iFail ?
everything Apple = iFail !

did you find any serial/manufacturer numbers on the remote?

yes, apple = fail


nope. just a huge 90's style remote without any clue of something

did you try taking the remote apart, then maybe it would have something on the pcb?

i should try next time i come there (its friend's home not mine)


what brand/model is the digital cable box?

(if the box came with a manual, there should be something about programing your remote to operate your TV)