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type of soldering wire use Answered

Hello, I have a 60/40 rosin core solder wire. Then I use a 220V soldering iron. Now whenever i tried to melt it, it took short while. compare to those wire in which you can melt it by only touching it with the iron. It's because i tried to repair a headphone jack and I still got where to solder it.

Top - Green
2nd - Blue
3rd - Copper 
4th - Red

It was based on its current solded positions between the thin wires and the 3.5mm jack. now I'm asking what kind of wire do I use. I saw other video tutorials on how to repair a headphone and whenever they solder it, it was a spot on. Thank you.



Does not really matter, what matters is cleaning the wires and having a suitable tip on the iron.
First "wet" the wires with the solder, to do so it must be really hot.
Once you got a good solder layer on the wires they will solder with no problems to the plug.

About that, my wires when heated turns into lumps. It's difficult to bond it with the heaphone wire ends.

You do know that certain headphone wires are less than hair thin and wrapped around a plastic fliament core?
If indeed you turn the copper into lumps you might be using a wood burning tool and not a soldering iron for delicate jobs.....

I'm using soldering iron. But I'm getting the use of it. All i need now is a flux and M-seal instead of shrinkable tube.

Can you attach a picture (or have you and I can't see it?)? It wasn't very long ago when I was horrible at soldering :)

https://www.eevblog.com/forum/beginners/does-solde... - Maybe? Probably not, though.

I always solder outside since the flux fumes give me nausea. My 40W iron can't overcome lower temperatures, making it hard for me to solder in the winter. - Perhaps?

Do you actually know how to solder?

Guys, I know how to do it. It's only a noob problem at this situation but I got it figured out. It's just the tip end of the iron was pointy, thus making a less heat. It's all settled for now. Thank you for your cooperation. All I have to do is repair my 2 sets of headphone: 1st one is the jack problem and the 2nd one is jack and headphone speaker replacement with a better one (sound quality). And also what's the commercial name of M-seal, you M-seal is a brand so what it is really called. I found on google and it says epoxy putty. Is it? And do I really need a flux before joining the two wires with solder. Do I have to sand paper the wires or burn it with lighter so that it'll be easy to solder them without these tiny fibers?

Your solder should have flux in it already.

If I know what you're talking about, I don't think you'd be able to sand them since they'd break/tear, and a lighter would probably melt them. If you can separate the actual wires from the super thin (plastic?) strands.

I guess I'm saying no to pretty much everything, but if you're really gentle/careful, it might work :)