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ubs trouble new to computers help Answered

plugged in ubs and it had two options one said speed up your system the other one said choose a file to down load, should have clicked that one but I did not now I have no Idea how this all works how do I get back to down loading file option again ?????????????????????????




Best Answer 8 years ago

i believe you mean the autorun feature in windows, its called system readyboost or something simmilar, and the other option would probably have been to open a program and download the pictures and other media on your flash drive. Just open "My Computer" and open something along the line of USB device or something simmilar. Dont try the C:\ Drive though, and most likely the D:\ drive will not be it either (those are the Hard drive and CD drive)

What is this thing someone sold you - what does it say on the case / packaging?


I bought it new it is a Sony memory stick it gave me two options 1.to speed up the os the other one was down load files, I should have picked down load files very confusing hey and thanks for responding I thought I would have to wait like weeks before I got some feed back so a big thanks.

I don't know at the moment, but what does it say on the packaging, anything that we might use to find the product on the internet? Or in the limited manual, what specific product is it?


First question: What do you mean by "ubs"?

A USB device? (If so, which?)
Some software package? (If so, which?)

Generally, if you have no idea how it works you shouldn't be plugging anything in...

it is a sony memory stick and yes I should have know better thanks for the rebuff it is a good reminder and thanks for your time I will try all of the suggestions that where given to me, still this whole thing really bugs me lol, so thanks again.

try the manual

it says nothing but plug it in Ect I wish these things came with a manual hey thanks for taking the time to comment I am grateful for any in put sooooooooooooo a big thanks


8 years ago

Don't speed up your system, and don't download the file. Where did you get this USB drive from? The internet? Did a friend give it to you? If you download a file that you don't know what it is, then it could be trying to put a virus onto your computer. A virus could do anything from track what you are typing to controlling your entire computer. If you do know where this came from, and you are just trying to get pictures or music off of it, just plug it into your computer, and when the window pops up that says "What do you want windows to do with this device", scroll down and double click on "Open folder to view files". You should then be able to see everything that is on your drive. Alternatively, if the window doesn't pop up, go to the start menu and click on "Computer" or "My Computer". There will be several folders there, one usually being the main hard drive on your computer. Click on the second hard drive that usually isn't there, and you will be able to see everything that is on it. Hope I could help!

Absolutely. Anything that offers to speed up your system should be treated with EXTREME caution; that's a common come-on for getting people to install malware.

If you don't know what a program is, and know exactly where it came from, NEVER download or execute.

ummmm yes I know that now lol and thanks for responding so fast I thank you for taking the time you took to look at what I wrote I think I love this site hey take care okay and thanks again.