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ubuntu broken laptop screen help? Answered

new to ubuntu for a few days! :popcorn:
but sadly dropped my laptop yesterday and before it broke i was using it with my desctop on the  laptop and using my external monitor to open documents so i can surf the web and read ebooks at the same time! please help me see my desktop on my external screen! using a packard bell dot and ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala!](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,)


The same button combination that works in windows works for me in ubuntu.

Most PC laptops have a blue "Fn" key on the keyboard.  It's usually next to your left-ctrl button.  If you have that, there will be blue icons and symbols for different functions across the top of the keyboard.  One will look like a square or a pair of squares or say something like CRT/LCD, it's often "F3" or "F4".  Hit "Fn"+that key.  Do this with the monitor plugged in, connected and turned on.

If Ubuntu doesn't recognize that, try booting it from the CD or USB drive again with the monitor plugged in, connected, and turned on.  The live-cd usually displays on both monitors, and you'll be able to get the machine working long enough to figure out what the hotkeys are.


8 years ago

right now im tryn to figure out how to open display properties from terminal!

just type in "gnome-display-properties" in terminal. hope that helps : )

If you dropped it and it broke there is probably nothing you can do to make it work unless you repair it.