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ubuntu live usb Vs. ubuntu on hard drive of PC Answered

Can some one please tell me what is the difference between ubuntu usb live on pendrive and ubuntu on pc's hard drive. I mean what are the shortcoming or advantages of ubuntu live usb? Is ubuntu on pendrive is slower than ubuntu installed on pc, if yes then what is level of concern or its negligible and one can ignore it?


hd is usually faster than usb unless you consider usb3 which is suppose to be pretty good, ssd is trickey but supposed to be fasteer than hd, Starting to use Arch instead of ubuntu, but my main desktop is still debian jessie.

I don't know about live usb, but ubuntu is faster on a hard drive than on a live DVD. my favorite linux distro is still Debian testing.

advantages live version if you want to make sure all your equipment works (wireless, keyboard, sound, fancy mouse), or if you just want to test drive the layout /look before committing anything.
if things get wonky you can just reimage the usb.
Shortcomings, you are limited to what you can save to the usb. For example things on backtrack linux wont work without a dictionary/rainbow tables and those can be several gigs in size.
hard drive advantages, you have plenty of space, option to dual boot windows.
disadvantages: can be difficult to install with multiple operating systems, easy to mess up the MBR.
if something goes wonky you may have to reenstall which can mean more data to lose

Ubuntu live is slower, but more portable while ubuntu on hard drive will always run faster.