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unable to install linux in windows. please help Answered

Windows is giving me a hard time when i play browser games. The lag is really bad & my CPU usage jumps from 3% to 100%.
Did a little research & decided I should get a new graphic card, but I can't afford it right away. So the 2nd option I thought of was installing Linux in the windows & dual boot it.

I downloaded ubuntu & tried to install it. Got an error. Downloaded mint & tried to install it, still same error. Can anyone please help me out with this?

I've done this before, but never faced this problem.
I'm posting a screen shot of the error as well


how many partitions do you have on windows? it only supports a certain number

I had 3 partitions before since vista supported only 3. I migrated to windows 7 recently...made a new 1 to install ubuntu.

Check this out V

it seems you have a dynamic drive

Might be. But I tried installing ubuntu at startup & ended up deleting all data on my laptop drives, he he. So couldn't boot back into windows.

You might have just messed up the master boot record there is tools that can fix mbr

In the most recent release of Ubuntu, (and Mint I'm assuming since it is based off Ubuntu) WUBI, the tool that you are using to install Ubuntu from Windows, has been discontinued because it is prone to giving off weird errors like that. If you are interested in installing Ubuntu from a dvd or flash drive, check out this guide on Ubuntu's website.  I also have an Instructable on getting started with Ubuntu if you are interested:)  

However as mpilchfamily says, browser games do not depend on your gpu, but I would still highly recommend installing Ubuntu because it is really awesome to use, and will generally make your computer a fair amount run faster!  If you have any other questions about Ubuntu or Linux please let me know and I'll help if I can!! :)

sorry for the delay in reply. I messed my PC real bad this time. Created a startup usb to install ubuntu & ended up formatting all of my partitions while installing it. Been using ubuntu 12.04 now. works pretty good with the game thing. But well. another issue i saw in Linux, can't browse internet while i'm downloading updates or torrent. Never faced this issue in Windows

That stinks about formatting everything... That was the thing that scared me the most about installing Linux the first time! I'm really glad Ubuntu is working well for you, though! I've had the same issue with downloading updates and torrents. I fixed the torrent issue by limiting the available bandwidth for torrents. To do this, (assuming you are using transmission for torrents) click the turtle icon in the lower left hand corner. This will limit the up/down speed to 50kB/s. Unfortunately, I haven't found a similar fix for installing updates. Hope this helps:)

What version of windows are you currently running?, if it happens to be Win8 then it is locked down with the new UEFI secure boot as per Microsoft requirements for all it's OEM partners. Ubuntu has worked with MS in way that will allow Linux to install,you will need to download the version specifically written for a Win8 dual boot.

Browser games are not dependent on your GPU. A better GPU or different OS isn't going to make things any easier. You need a fast internet connection, strong CPU and plenty of RAM. These games run off Java Which tends to suck up RAM and demands a lot of CPU. While a smaller OS will free up some CPU cycles it won't make as big a difference as a new CPU and more RAM will.

In order to dual boot you need to have 2 partitions on the HDD. Install Windows on 1 partition and install Linux on the other. You won't be able to create a dual boot system by trying to install linux while your log into windows.

I suggest you download a bottable copy of ubuntu to a USB drive. Now you'll need some portioning software to condense your single partition to make room to create a second partition. Now plug in your ubuntu drive into your PC, restart the PC. In the BIOS change it so it will look for a bootable USB device first. Restart the PC again. Now it will load Ubuntu. Ubunto will ask if you want to run it off the USB drive or install it on the PC. Then follow the steps for installing it to the PC and make sure it install on the second partition. It will also install a boot loader that will allow you to choose which OS you want to use when you turn the PC on.

I've installed ubuntu from windows before. but i had vista back then & worked fine. I've tried using Mint & ubuntu since i wanted to learn more abt how linux worked. kinda fascinated me. This is the 1st time i'm getting an error like this....been about 3 yrs since i used linux.

There errors are happening cause the install is needing to perform actions that Windows 7 sees as a security risk. If you want to create a dual boot system then it's best to do it right. Meaning working outside of windows. You need a partitioning tool that can boot off a disk or thumb drive. Yes there are partitioning tools that can be ran in windows but you can run into problems condensing a partition your currently running off of. Once the partition is created then run the version of Linux you want to use from a disk or bootable drive like i mentioned above.