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underground basement Answered

Hi there,
Am looking for people with ideas. I have just bought a property with a built in underground area. It just has small vents around the walls,and a single door for entry. Walls are cladded with double brick. Has anyone ever done  a conversion on anything similar?? Firstly I need ideas on what I can convert it to!!! Its the size of  a single garage.



Don't forget to check the building codes where you live. Despite this being "your property", there are ordinances about renovations that you must obey, and you will likely need to pull permits as well. Otherwise if something went wrong, your homeowners insurance would probably not cover you.

I have a couple ideas off the top of my head with varying degrees of usefulness. I haven't attempted any of these since I don't have the space myself, but if I did...
In no particular order:
Plan 1: Man-cave, sofas, lazy boys, bar, projector, pool table, etc
Plan 2: Zombie fortress, everything needed to survive a zombie apocalypse. A guy in bacelona finished one recently if the internet is to be believed.
Plan 3: Wine cellar, temperature and humidity controlled
Plan 4: Workshop, with all the heavy equipment that doesn't fit in my apartment