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underwater sparkler Answered

is this real?


for some reason i cant add the video

if anyone wants to try, calcium chloride is basically water hardener



10 years ago

Man - they didn't even try to make it look real, did they?

Sadly, this a-hole already made $158 from this crap...

i HATE fake videos on metacafe the people are suppose to make money off of great ideas, not great ideas that are faked and implausible. hate to bring this up, but kipkay can post any crap and it'll get at least 100 dollars because his name is attached.

Except that kipkay's stuff typically works. He might be a better entertainer than engineer, but at least his stuff actually works.

I don't mind if somebody makes a buck off of posting a cool project. Just like I don't mind if people post an instructable about a kit they have for sale at Make - like ladyada's Minty Boost, which is one of the best 'ibles of all time in my opinion - but intentionally deceiving the audience is an entirely different thing...

did you actually think it was real?

i thought it might be but i seriously doubted it


10 years ago

It's things like this that make me deliberately not watch any embedded Metacafe videos on Instructables except under exceptional circumstances. Let people get paid for people watching their videos and you will get a huge amount of spam like this with no real effort put into it but designed to get the greatest number of hits possible. Ironically I think a sparker may well actually burn underwater, which would make a better video but would actually require some effort, and it's easier to make a crappy fake. Ditto Serge's purple smoke bomb, etc.

fake. although magnesium does burn underwater.