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universal Saddle Extension for a floor jack? Answered

I have a floor jack the max height is 13" and the second car is an SUV requiring at least 22".
what can I make a universal Saddle Extension out of.
p.s. no torch or metal working tools yet but I'll buy one if needed.



Best Answer 8 years ago

A floor jack needs to roll slightly in use. If you can't build cribbing to allow for this, use the factory jack or buy a bigger jack. A saddle extension of 11" would be very unsafe.

Ya I thought that might be a bad thing to do .
But I got lucky and an auto store.
They got in a demo Jack as big as the 300-400$ ones.
Got it for 100.
Lifts it no problem.


8 years ago

 A lot of the small hydraulic jacks available won't jack up let alone support even a small suv, so there's the first concern. Building cribbing to support the jack is the safest way to raise it (concrete blocks are NOT good cribbing) 4x4's or 4x6's are best and of COURSE... jack stands are a must

How do you lift the SUV when you are stuck somewhere with a flat?

Nope.  You can but it will be less stable than the original piece.

If you need more extension then shore up the jack from the bottom but using squares of plywood or 2x10 lumber stacked in a stable way that gives the jack a wide base to rest on.

Even with the jack you should still use jack stands under the car if you're going to get under any part of it while jacked up.

.  Yep. That's over a ton of metal (over two tons in some cases) that can come down on you. Jury-rigging the jack is NOT the way to go.
.  Jackstands are a must. If you don't have a set, buy some. They're not cheap, considering how simple they are, but not that expensive, either). Once again, jury-rigging is NOT the answer - your life depends on 'em.
.  Even if your Life isn't worth much, having a jack fail can cause serious (expensive) damage to the vehicle. Yours truly decided that he didn't need to chock the wheels when he jacked up the rear of his car and checked the brake pads one night. Car rolled back and the foot of the jack punctured the gas tank. Oops!

A stable base is definitely the way to go, barring just buying another jack.