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universal pivot for a pole? Answered

Does anyone know where to buy this universal pivot/swivel, or  know anyone that can fabricate it, or provide the steps and tell me where to 
access the materials for me to make this product?  It must be able to fit within the diameter of a pole vault pole.                                              See picture of  model below.


Try a sailing supplier or chandler - Wind surfer masts have a similar device at the bottom allowing them to turn, and lie flat in any direction.

yeah., neat. I wonder what kind of vertical load they can take ?

It depends the one I have is pretty substantial and can take at least 1 16 stone very frightened beginner hanging onto it!!! Don't ask!

I see the ad now
"For sale one Universal joint, used once"


Want to buy a windsurfer sail and mast - WITH UJ fitting! ;-) Very reasonable Ideal for land yacht.


Whole page of then here

If you want something more substantial then your looking at the car or industrial uses.

Industrial mounts here


Its half of a "universal joint". Does it have to be plastic ? What diameter is it. ?

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. It could be plastic, metal or some other strong material. As for the diameter, as long as the base can fit within the dimensions of a pole vault pole and can be attached to the pole, then it will work. The connection to the pole has to allow a 360 degree rotation as well.