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unpublished knex stuff Answered

these are my never published knex creations


Hmmzz.... Neat! Thats a lot of stuff... Good work! The can opener is my favorite. Any intention of posting any of them?

oh, and like my mods to radioavtives gun? one is just my first mod but thicker, the other is my semi auto mod.

if you had a choice of only these 2, which would you build?

no, of my modded one or his other one, mine is stronger and has a better stock, but his is a tiny bit more accurate.

well, that model is actualy not as good as the otherone you can see, as it fires so far I never see the bulet again ( I live in a forest) and the other is my semi auto type gun.

I forgot to give him credit. the 2 rbgs.

maybe, but since I skipped grade 7 my schoolwork has been pretty big.

and yeah, I love the can opener, maybe a bit unnecessary , but its cool and it makes a BANG noise.

is this a modded version of my sniper?

on the whole, the only thing the same is the trigger and the thing connecting the barrel to the trigger, rest is different.

what did you think about my sniper before you modded it?

Barrel= too weak
trigger = nice design
ammo= could be better but meh
Stock = WTF?!?!?!?!??!?!