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upcoming project Answered

I just got an ipod touch for christmas, and I'm going to be making an accessory for it that's like a laptop, and I'll call it an iTop or something like that. Anyways It's a tiny bit bigger than the ipod touch, the ipod touch will fold up and be the screen, here what the features of the bottom part will be (The ipod plugs in via the dock connector. High quality audio output Video output mini usb for easy syncing a speaker with an amp and a lion battery to power it a little lion charger a switch to wheather you want output audio or from the speaker I/O ports* *There will be a picmicro in it, and I'm going to make it so that if you output different frequencies (maybe some programmer could helpme) the pic will do different things. I posted on make a while ago how cool it would be to have an open source ipod, and this is the closest you can get. There might be anywhere from 4 to 20 I/O ports, and it'll be controlled by the ipod. Can any of you think of anything else to add before I buy stuff?


Great concept. But why not use an atmega168 (e.g. arduino clone from moderndevice.com). It runs at almost 20 mips at 20Mhz and its instruction set is optimized for C (or arduino's simplified C language). And it has I2C, so you can use inexpensive wii controllers as I/O devices (google "bionic arduino" to find the tutorial for interfacing a Wii accelerometer+joystick "numchuck" device)

well I'm going this route because in almost done building a pic programmer and the touch already has motion sensors. Plus this will be controlled by the iPod

Maybe you can have it all sit on a fancy dock.

well it's going to be like a mini laptop, the ipod will be resting horizontally, where a screen would be on a laptop, and where the keyboard would be will be where all the stuff is housed plus the speaker. all the ports will be on the sides, front, and/or back. It's all going to be put in a cool metal case.