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usb face plate Answered

does any one have a line on a usb face plate for the front of a computer? im looking for some thing that would replace one of the removeable slot covers on any computer. i have a car stereo that has usb hook up for flash drives but it looks ghetto with a usb cable hanging out from the dash. i only need 1 usb slot so i guess i could just cut a multi port on up....if i could find one. i checked rs, tigedirect, bestbu, circuit city, and a few build your own comp shops and cant find the usb plate i need. i have a cable with the female end on it and i guess i just need on of these plates to plug it into and flush mount it to my dash steve


that looks like a good option. i was hoping tro be able to find one that all i have to do is plug in the usb female end from my stereo into the back of it. this one looks like i may have to put a usb end on it if this is even possible. ive never tried to splice a usb before. steve