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usb page turner foot pedal? Answered

i have a foot pedal for my yamaha keyboard with a 1/4" jack at the end of a cable; i want to connect it to my laptop to turn pages while i am playing music; as you all know laptops dont have 1/4" audio inputs; could any one please describe a way to connect the pedal to the usb port? i have the software for the laptop to recognise whether the pedal is on or off; usb cables have 4 wires, two for data and two for power; i am assuming that i would have to use the power lines for this since the pedal is simply a switch; any info/help would br highly appreciated
thank you


Simplest possible solution might be to gut a mouse and hook its button inputs to a pair of switches. Many "slide show" programs are already set up to recognize those as page forward and page back.

Not really possible, without more hardware. You can't connect a switch to USB.
What software have you got ?