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use an op amp to have two outputs? Answered

Hello, I need to amplify a single mono audio input with two op amp or a single dual op amp and have two discrete outputs that can filtered at different frequencies and then those outputs have to be read with an arduino with two different analog inputs, is this possible? Thank you.


yes. In general, you'd first input the signal to a "buffer amplifier", which acts as an intermediary between the source and your desired outputs.

The output of the buffer is then used as the virtual source for the secondary amplifiers.

It's certainly possible -- simplest way is to have the input feed two op-amp based unity amplifiers (same signal out as came in), and process their outputs appropriately.

But it might not be necessary. For example, if the input impedance of the filters is high enough, you don't need to buffer the input. Just us op-amp based filters?

If you said more about what you were actually trying to do, folks might have more specific advice on best ways to do it. An arduino isn't exactly fast, but you *might* be able to extract what you're looking for in software...