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use instructables at school Answered

if you ever wanted to use instructables at school but you couldn't because it was an extremist/terrorist/ whatever the crap else then look no further!


Found it when googling guyfrom7up, just checking...

It's a bit slower, and there is just something wrong.


It was a bit slow, but I didn't see much wrong with it. And why would they block Instructables at school? Instructables RULES!

Mine was blocked for having forums. They put in a new blocker or something, so now everything is unblocked! :D. I'm the only Instructabler in a sea of YouTubers.

haha. our school does not want forums, but they are powerless to stop me.

try using a proxy at my school


have you ever had the urge to RIP all the cords out of your schools server ¿?¿

recently, my school went back to ie6. this is a problem, because ibles works badly enough with ie7. so i had to install firefox. the only problem; aside from our allocated server space, everything gets deleted when we sine out. so i installed firefox in my server space.

i dont get it. even if instructables was blocked, you can get there with proxyweb.net so whats with the link?

really... well then check out that website, somethings wrong here

jane apple bottom It's instructables, exactly, what's up with that

im definitely not getting something here.
puts down energy drink as if its poison

It makes a different set of cookies, so I suppose it doesn't read the original cookies put here by Instructables, but instead reads the one put by janeapplebottom.instructables.com

I mean I had to sign in at their site 2 x's when navigating about.

Oh, It did that to me too. New avatar, eh? Instructables Avatars need to support animated GIFs.

it is the same "place" here, with the janeapplebottom in the URL or not. Kind of like makezine.com and hackzine.com get you to the same place (but that is by way of redirection....this is not that at all)

probably banlisted due to the occasional 'fun with explosions' instructable