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using AVRS with a mac? Answered

Hi I am wondering if anyone here has experience with programming AVRs.

I am trying to program an attiny2313 with a USBtinyISP programer kit from adafruit that I built. I am using it with a mac.

I have followed the steps from these links:

to build my ISP:

I followed these steps for installing the software:

I am using AVR MacPAK:


and also tried these tips:

I don't know much about Terminal, mac ports or AVRDUDE. I used Terminal to fill out the make file but I got lost after that.

I do know that the ISP that I built works because the green light comes on.

I can write the code in Basic, but I get stuck after that when it comes to using the Make file or compiling it. How would I compile my code and send it to the ISP? Has anyone here ever programmed AVRs with a mac?

I'm getting a PC soon and maybe that will be easier, but for now I'm trying to get it to work on mac.

If I could get some help that would be great thanks!


I used this guide and it worked.


9 years ago

I'd like to know too. Right now I compile on my wife's PC using the free AVR IDE provided by Atmel, and I can either load it on the uC using the PC or my Mac.


9 years ago

i'm at pretty much the same point as you are and i also found it a little obscure how to get code compiled into hex format ready to load onto the chip. if you installed the AVR MacPack already, there should be an html file in your applications directory on your mac with instructions on how to do this. on my mac, the location is: file:///usr/local/AVRMacPack-20081213/manual/gettingstarted.html from what i understand, you have to create a project for xcode via the terminal. i'm not sure if there is a more "gui" way to do it, but try following these instructions and see how you go.