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using a strain gauge to make a load sensing pedal Answered

Guys, I want to use a strain gauge as a load cell in a driving game, where the brake padal is force sensitive not movement sensitive. Currently the pedal is set up with a rotary potentiometer which has three connections and is basically the same as a PC joystick, complete with the circuit board.

The strain gauge is one of the resistive film type with two connections, and the resistance will vary with the extension of the gauge; however, I don't know how to link this to the joystick circuit hardware, as one of the connections is missing

Any ideas?


You need to know the range of change you will see, and you will then need to turn that into a voltage to simulate the pot voltage.

You need an amplifer, with some offset trimming, but first you need to know more about your strain gauge.

I guess some simple probing with a voltmeter would tell you a couple of things. The range of resistance that the strain gauge has, the range of resistance of the potentiometer in the brake pedal, how it varies when you press down on the pedal. If the strain guage readings are small, you might need some kind of microprocessor to translate the input to a workable range. You might want to try to patch that in directly to the potentiometer to figure out which two pins might work.