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using calcium chloride as humidity reducer closets /laundry rooms Answered

i bought a product called "damp rid "in a hardware store that was used for removing moisture from hamper area,laundry rooms, to prevent mildew.
i realized the pelted looked familiar and it was calcium chloride.
i want to make my own as i have access to a big bag of calcium chloride.
it looks like there is a piece of tyvek/ or other moisture passing membrane on one side of the top upper half, the other 3 sides of the bag look like a mylar  type bag. 
The seams all seam to be sealed, except the top has a piece of plastic snapped-sea;ed over it, with a couple very small holes that go into the top half of the bag. the top plastic piece  also has a hanger  loop..
when i bought it the calcium chloride was in the top hang and the bottom half was empty. There looks like a plastic seam weld separating the calcium from the bottom half, and i noticed that are a couple 1/4 inch gaps in the seam.
the calcium, chloride draws the moisture out of the air and turns it into water, which falls to the bottom half of the bag.pretty cool device, and seems i t would be able to make, if i can find a source for mylar or whatever this material is. i would also have to make the seams, not sure if glue would work, maybe make a clamp like device , rather than the welds, this way i could just empty the water and replace the calcium chloride, no reason to throw it out.
anyone seen these devices, i noticed they have a www with the same name, they may have pictures.  Also looking for a source for mylar and tyvek.  I am not sure if the postal envelopes would work, i would also like to scrounge a sheet of tyvek to use as a ground-cloth or emergency shelter when out on my bicycle and the t storms hit.
i haven't seen it except in big rolls, i guess i should keep a lookout for construction sites trash areas.otherwise i am not sure where  i could get a 10 ft piece.
i will take the bag apart later to dissect the workings and see if i can measure the thickness of the  mylar



3 years ago

Damp rid sells also has a product that is basically a plastic bucket and strainer. You could purchase one And re use the bucket. I've seen the product in the paint department @home depot. Amazon has a wide variety of their products. Some are refillable

SORRY i have been odd lone for a couple days, replacing kitchen sink faucet asd July 4 th stuff.. thinking auto it more, i could use boxes, not bags, or reuse containers, maybe attack tyvlex to one side of a empty laundry plastic bottle.. so the main ingrediant would be calcium l chloride and a membranee that allows moisture to past hriough ,tylvek or the competitor. this would be for a closet that holds three hampers. a small closet. i live in an apartment building, so $$ wash machine is downstairs in basement. i will be looking on making a washing machine for a small amount of clothes too. i think i will call it a washboard . i could probably clean my athletic gear and shorts better in the washboard that are worn, and cresed but show no visible dirt spots , just need a quick clean . back to your question it is a closet, that due to damp washcloths , and towels some of the washcloth seem to be impregnated with mildew after i day use . i use chronine and vinegar on the whites washcloths as a pre soak/before hamper to try and neutralize the mildew smell. i was surprised at thr anount of watwr that the calcium drew out. but my apartment is also very humid in summer. i just bought a dehumidifier ti give the a/c a better chance, aand it makes a big difference.

I think you have a big humidity problem. Dessicants alone are not going to be your solution. An AC unit /dehumidifier would help.


> damp washcloths , and towels
.  You are talking about amounts of water that are orders of magnitude greater than what CaCl can handle. You first need to dry all items before storing them. Then make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the storage area (your new dehumidifier may work well for that). And you will probably need to give the storage area a good sterilization to get rid of any bacteria/mildew that has started growing.

it is not that bad, as i hang everything to dry before tossing it in there. no mold or anything. 'i have noticed that if i take a clean laundered white washcloth, and wet it in the morning, by evening it smells like mildew, and i squeeze it out after every use. which may be as little as 3, to cool and wipe my face off. started using vinegar with the chlorax for washing the white towels too.

Yea it's hygroscopic and deliquescent. It soaks up water, until it drips out the bottom as a solution (ultimately you pour it down a drain).
Is it very damp, or just not very dry in that room?


i use to have desiccant in small tin cans we would heat them in the oven to reuse them. we also had paper bags of desiccant that we used to dry out the cables, plus cans of loose desiccant that we poured in the splice. i was a cable splicer for telco. i wonder if the desiccant was the same as calcium chloride. the desiccant we used was very fine, we inhaled way to much of it, manhole work had it tolls on the body. your post gave me a good idea , i have some meds that i noticed were crumbling from moisture, this was before the dehumidifier, now i can keep it at 38%. I could make desiccant cans out of altoid tins and store them with the meds. so off on another tangent i go, That pretty good ask a question on one problem and get a solution for multiple problems thanks

lemoine thanks for your andwere, sorry i took so long to get back. seems i rarely get time to get back here, hopefully i will start building something, trying to fit it in with need home fixings. seems after i ask the question, i am thinking about it for a while, and come up with other ways of looking at it. i realized i do not need to put it in a plastic bag as the store sells them. i could probably use a soda bottle for the bottom with a tvlex bag mounted on the top. i bought a dehumdifier for my apartment and that made a big difference, the a/c in were not dehumidifying enough, and the dehumdifier runs at 95 watts at high With the a/c running i can empty 16pints in 12 hours, and talking about maybe 600 sq feet.The room with the moisture problem in the closet i can keep separate and run the ac in there , that a/c has a good dehumid function. it is a small closet, i think the apartment is just very humid, brick walls outside, that i think need repointing badly.