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using the acetone method , what type of container , can i make and store the melted styrofoam in? Answered

reading a couple posts about reducing styrofoam using acetone.  i happened to come across a lot of pieces and need to reduce it, but am not ready to use it yet.
what containers ahere good for this , acetone comes in metal cans, many of the instructables say to do the melting in glass, i have seen some say metal,but no specifics.
i dont have a glass open top bottle handy yet, but i may if i have an idea of the ratio of plastic to expanded.  i thought i saw a video on you tube of a guy using a plastic bucket and storing it in a zip lock bag.I would need to verify that method and the type of plastic first. since  most instructables use glass and metal pots. Off to break it up


thanks all, i happened to come across a galvanized pail the next day, and i will hold off until i finnd a glass jar. the bag i have is a 30gallon garbage bag,filled, so i am not sure what the shrunk ratio is, i think it is pretty big downsizing,lots of air in styro foam. good tip about the restaurants, that is where i will find a big wide mouth jar.

thanks all, the plastics we have in this area , almost all the new ones have the composition stamped in the bottom. i know i have seen hdpe on a couple. i also came across a old galvanized bucket the same week i wrote this. So just waiting for it to cool down enough for me to go a quiet area and set down a tarp to do this, the bag of Styrofoam needs to be shrunk, i am sure when i reduce it i have a glass wide mouth jar that will be big enough. i guess i could develop i real liking to pickles, but i like to buy them at the pickle house on the lower east side. the bottled ones in the supermarkets just don't have the same character as buying it out of a barrel near delancy street.

DHPE plastics work good. That's High Density Polyethylene. It'll keep the acetone from melting away the container. They can be ordered online for very cheap. Hope that helps,

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be aware of highly flammable, but you'll be right in most containers.


looks like you should be able to use a a big pickle or jam jar made from glass with the metal cover. Don't know how safe it would be to store if the fumes build up though. Ask some restaurant that may have a leftover jar with cover you could have.