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variable frequency drive construction? Answered

hello i am working on a go kart but instead it will be powered by a 1/3 horsepower split phase AC motor. it operates off 768 watts and i am curious in using a Microcontroller and a high power H bridge to control it. can anyone help me or give me an idea on how to step up 12v dc into 120v dc and then using the H bridge to generate the frequency and also where to find some NPN transistors that can handle it and how to possibly reverse the direction of the motor?


A motor like that will either need a huge bank of batteries which will vastly hinder the abilities of the cart or a very long extension cord. You should look into other motor options. You should be able to find 1/3 horse power DC motors but they won't be cheap.

Use a DC motor from a treadmill, I have been using them, they are cheap, and easy to use.

Oooo complicated project.

In the end bear in mind that no matter where the power comes from there is only a certain amount available.

So ignoring losses 768/12 volts is 68 Amps - that's a BIG ask from a battery.

yea im quire aware that my batteries are going to hate me, but i still want to be able to control AC motors and this is a good way to start and after all i scale up the go kart to a dune buggy like design but i need to start with something, in this case the electronics

Forget it. Its a lousy design approach. Get a DC motor.