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video card help? Answered

im working on a project that needs to connect to a tv, so i bought a video card with a port labeled s-video. its a 4 pin mini din connection, but i dont know how i am supposed to wire it up to connect to the tv, either through s video or preferably through composite video (the yellow plug).
all of my internet searches label the pins as Y ground C ground Y and C
Y being luminance and c being chrominance or something like that.
i dont know a thing about this connection standard and any help would be greatly appreciated in helping me configure this to operate by connecting to the composite video connection on the TV.

thanks in advance,


You can buy a converter cable.


6 years ago

A TV out video card uses a TV for a monitor. It is not an actual TV in that it does not have a tuner. It just is another output for your computer.
If you are wanting to have a TV what you need to get is a TV tuner card.

In order to use the TV out you have to enable it in the display properties. When you plug the TV in it will show up there as a secondary monitor just as if you were using multiple monitors. Once you enable it your desktop will be extended onto it and you can set the resolution and color balance just as you would a monitor. This used to be a common thing for classrooms. The teacher could display his desktop on the large screen TV so the class could see. Now it has been mostly replaced with projectors since the cost on them has become more reasonable.

im doing it because i intend to use this build as a semi-portable game station.
its being built inside a xbox 360 to go with the concept.

Based on the info from your post, your TV only has composite connections on the back?, if so your project is a non starter. To make this work both PC and TV must share a common connecter, ideally a DVI,VGA ,S-Video, HDMI or the use of an adapter to accomplish this.To the best of my knowledge an S-Video to (DVI,VGA,HDMI,COMPOSITE) adapter does not exist.

Best of luck

my tv has svideo, but i was intending on using the machine the card is in for pretty much any tv, i know that some newer tvs dont have the svideo input anymore, i was thinking that if i could get composite video it would be a little more universal.

That's good news,your half way there, now all you need is sound and your good to go. You will need to pick up a headphone extension cable with the 3.5mm jack at both ends and run it from the TV's headphone jack to the PC's headphone jack.

Best of Luck

i found out a way to hook up the svideo to the composite plug, after a lot of research and stuff.
the top two pins on the mini din are connected to the middle pin and the bottom two are connected to the outer ground plane.
in theory it should work, but no one has told of any success with it.
i am going to solder two rca jacks from the motherboards sound output so i can just use a regular RCA cable to connect.