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vinyl record de-warping Answered

i'm sure there's some of you here who have had this problem and i've looked at many links, and i've seen the ways to de warp a record, but none point to the best method. any suggestions?


Vinyl is formed with a centre-outward splurge, you cannot reform an LP which has started to retract back. I know, I've got several which were left on a heater, some of them Butthole Surfers... So if anyone knows, I too would be glad to know. L

i'm speaking of vertical warps, i believe you're talking about horizontal warp i have no clue how you would fix a horizontal one

to my knowledge, a vertical warp is when you have an lp that is warped up and down, ie: has higher and lower spots a horizontal warp is when the circular shape of an lp is distorted, screwing up the sound, tracking etc. i think i'm right, but im not experienced in the subject

. Hmmmm. Guess I've never run into a horizontal warp. Or maybe I just didn't recognize it when I saw it.

We're both talking about the same thing. My vinyl has warped vertically (it's horribly wobbly), but I believe this puckering has been caused by the thing trying to shring back inwards. I could be wrong, but it's still knackered... L

. I've run into a lot of warped LPs over the last 50+ years, but have never seen or heard of a reliable method of flattening them back out. :( . . I have had some small success with placing the album in a high-quality sleeve (I used DiscWasher VRPs, but I doubt they are being made any more), putting the sleeve/album between two flat plates (not too heavy, about the weight of 300-500 sheets of 20# 8.5x11 paper), and warming the whole thing up to about 110-120 deg F for a few hours. It's been a few decades since I've done it and I may not be remembering the details correctly, so you'll want to experiment with temperature and time. And try it on a low-value LP first. . I have managed to make a few discs playable, but have never fully eliminated all warpage.

if it turns out really badly, i'll just melt it a bit more and bend it into a chip bowl :p

Well? If none point to the best method, you must already know it. Please enlighten us!

lol. no, by pointing to the best method i mean i don't know which one is the best because none of them say which, so i'm asking if anyone here has ever done it and has an opinion.