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volcano science project due april 6. My mom is clueless, so no parental help here. Want good grade. Help please. Answered

i'm in 5th grade. It has to be able to erupt, and look decent. I need to do it for 'really' inexpensive. can someone please help me? Or get me a site to follow step by step? i only found a vocano cake here. My mom said she can get me the supplies. Don't know where to begin and want a good grade.
Everyone else has parents helping them.-jo


if your school's science lab has a fume hood, and ONLY if it has the hood, you can get some ammonium dichromate, and put a coil of magnesium wire into it. The resulting green ash eruption is REALLY cool to watch, but HIGHLY HIGHLY toxic - maybe best to reserve this for high school :D
The ingredients aren't expensive, available from unitednuclear.com (and other supply shops)

The way that I always built a volcano was with plaster of paris, and I placed a small jar in the top as a place to hold the vinegar that was colored red with food collaring and the baking soda.

build the mountain from cardboard and cover with plastic to make it more liquid resistant paint as wanted install a bottle of diet coke from inside when ready open the cap and push a bunch of mint mentos in (experiment with it. maybe cut or grind the mentos. it can shot quite high smetimes) let the class drink what remains :)

Thanks to all for the help... will regular coke work too? when you put the mentos in, does it explode right away, or do ya have a second to get back from it? i'll experiment. I get extra points for it to look really good, any ideas? i'm posting my project for others to "pay it forward kinda thing" THANKS SO MUCH...

Regular coke doesn't work as well, and leaves sticky sugar residues.

thank you for that.

about the residue from the coke - you may want to wash the volcano with water after the eruption before it dries

OK, get a bottle and scrunch up loads of paper and dip the paper in watered down PVA glue continue then till it has a basic shape then let it dry then glue more paper around this time not scrunched up this should make it smooth when it drys next paint Grey with gloss paint (i used spray paint it helps :D) after fill up the bottle with vinegar then put bicarbonate of soda in with a light red/ orange and it will come out of the bottle and drip down the sides(like lava) also label what things are like lava ash cloud for extra marks. Please PM me if you have any problems i am Pyro 360 BTW :D

thank you..couple of questions...what kind of paper, any kind, newsprint, etc..? what kind of re orange soda, like strawberry or orange? what type of labels, i like that idea, and lava ash cloud, what's that? i need to know a liitle more please. thanks again.

Why didn't you post the comment asPyro 360 ?