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voting not being accepted from instructable Answered

this is a problem i think...i love the link you have put to vote on top where all the contest the instructable is on is shown in the drop down box....
however there is a problem i encountered over it...
if you vote in that instructable...under the drop down...again when you come to the same instructable...it shows as if it's not being voted...
for it to be permanantly marked as voted you have to go to the main competition and then vote from there...else it doesn't seem to count.
well...i don't think most members know that.
so far...those who think it's been voted when they just vote on top ...but unfortunately it's not voted ..
am i confusing you??
why don't you try and see
go to an instructable and vote from the instructable...
later go to the main contest and check...it would show that it's not voted.
and say you come back the next day and open the same instructable...if you haven't entered the vote in the main contest...it'll show as if it's not voted.
therefore...all who have voted on the instructable....will not count....isn't that like really bad??? i'll probably not get any votes! :-(

please check it and see what you can do about those who have voted on the instructable

I use windows vista and i brows with firefox


Per the timestamp of when you posted this, there are no contests in the voting phase. Which contest were you seeing this on?

I was voting for a instructable which was in fiber and design...it's going on now and the problem is the same
as far as i know you don't have to wait for the voting phase...you can vote anytime as long as it's not after to voting phase...that's how it's always been as sometimes...the entries get sooo big it's better to vote when the entries are already in and not yet in the' voting phase'

I see what you mean now and can replicate the results. Though the "vote" button doesn't appear sync'ed up, but buttons do count your vote. Voting on both does not increase or harm your vote, it's registered but just not displaying correctly.

Thanks for bringing this up, we're working on a fix.

Your welcome! i guess it only sync up if you vote on the main contest page....not if you vote from the instructable :-)

Oh ! I thought it was only I had this problem in voting.Every time I log in and vote some one on the drop down box it shows voted.The next day I need to vote again to the same project over again. I realized that ,the drop down box is only to show every one that one project is in more contest.All you have to do is go to the main Page and vote.Then the drop down box shows voted.I guess many people must not be knowing about it. Thank you for posting this,so that many people know how to vote exactly.