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vr rc spy car Answered

i was interested in a wireless spy car to use in my backyard (to hunt for a waskaley groundhog : elmer fudd) now i was looking in Make mag and i found this( http://makezine.com/14/bajabuggy ). it really dosent tell u how. now i already have a rc car (Traxxas vxl Bandit) and i dont wont to destroy it or buy a new car it cost $300. so i wont to know how i can still use a servo without connecting it to to bandit wiring and for cheap



7 years ago

Buy a cheap rc car.Connect it with a wireless cam(you can get it on ebay)
It has good range(about80 feet)You can connect it to the pc also.And it is priced at about 20-25$.

One way that could work is to take a cheap $10 R/C car, rip it apart and attach the camera to the steering. Then use the radio control that came with it to move the camera. This way, you'll have a separate power supply. You'll just need some way of attaching it.

whatsisface was going along the right lines of my answer of how to attach the camera. You could be like my brother and use tape (as he does for everything he makes).