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vu meter? Answered

I have just been volunteered to run the sound board in our church which is small.I had never seen one before,but as I keep working with it,I noticed that only one side of the vu meter lights up,and the lights move up and down as the volume goes up and down,but the other side does nothing.Any help. It looks like the one in step one.




9 years ago

Is an input signal being fed to all the channels? If no signal is connected, the VU meter won't react. Or it could be a simple wiring issue, such as an open circuit, such as a bad plug or a broken wire somewhere... Or the mixer might not be working correctly on the channel in question.

"It looks like the one in step one" - were you looking at an Instructable? Go back there and post a Comment, these Answers / Questions are, as you can see disconnected from the Instructables.