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w00t NEW DIRT BIKE Answered

I got a new dirt bike 5 days ago (justs posting today). It's awesome. My dad had five when he was like 18 (most two at a time), so he got us one. We got gloves and helmets for both of us too (me and my brother). I'm gonna go ride it some more.

Does anyone else have a dirt bike?



You should have gottten a 2 stroke more power, speed,fun, etc

Nope but I have an old racing go cart I'm not sure of the hp right now but I can check, when we got it the guy that gave it to us had like a 15hp aluminum engine on it and could get it going 100+mph, now its got a brigs and straton steel or something, but on the street it will go like 60+

I sometimes use this one. It's a 100cc Yamaha converted to off-road by a tyre change, new sprocket, and generally removing bits...


wow expensive i have a dirt bike but i got it used for like $400 i think its a 250cc dirt bike but im not sure