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wall painting side effect Answered

Recently I painted my daughter's room with pink color (egg shell finish). Unfortunately there is lot of pink color reflection in the room. entire room feels pink, even ceiling, door and closet are white. It seems that color was darker side of pink. In the past when the room had white color, two bulbs gave good light. Now even with 4 bulbs not enough light. 

I saw many houses with different colors, but never felt such type of huge color reflection. Now this room is no more good for studying.

Why it happend? How can I fix it?



5 years ago

If you want to keep the present colour, but still make it lighter and give it a nice special effect, consider using a sponge and white paint that is not opaque, but translucent. Ask your local paint store what kind of paint would be suitable for creating a sponge effect over the paint that you used.
Sponging white over pink will create a softer, less overwelming feel and make the room lighter. Use a natural sea sponge, use the paint sparingly, and beware of creating a pattern. Randomness is hard, but possible. Good luck!


Your answer made me very interested

suggest you use wallpaper, it's more convenient.

LRV is not related to gloss levels. To make matters even more confusing, gloss levels are not uniform across brands. So, one brand's eggshell can be markedly more shiny than the next. Here's the article I wrote about LRV. LRV is indeed an excellent benchmark. If you try a color and it is too dark, a different color with a higher LRV number might be worth sampling. http://thelandofcolor.com/lrv-light-reflectance-value-of-paint-colors/

Use "Kilz" and repaint another color she likes. Reds are usually very reflective and very hard to recover unless you use a primer sealer.

Thanks for your answer. It means I selected high LRV color (I will check it). Does this LRV is proportional to the Glossyness. I selected Egg shell finish, so I can clean any marks easily. Is it bad choice for bed rooms or study rooms. One of my friend has Glossy white painting in living room. It looks very nice.

If I need to repaint do I need to choose less LRV and Lightest pink color? Can I put this color directly on top this high LRV and dark pink color, Or I have to apply prime color and do sanding before applying color.