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wanna see something weird? Answered

I can turn my hand all the way around! Yay!



10 years ago

i can do this simplely

We demand a video of this phenomenon!


I had this image of it twanging back and you taking off like a cartoon character - whirrrrrrrr.

(And did you really toss a skull aside to take the video? I hope it was not an acquisition, and not an animal that got lost in there...)

Scullly did this at the end of one of the episodes of the X-Files, but I never did inquire as to whether she actually could do it or if it was just a camera trick.

okay? um im not allowed to watch x files. i dont even know what it is.

the X-files was a Science Fiction tv show X-File link

Scully is the red headed female Federal Agent.

You cant watch X-Files? O.O Anyways i have double jointed legs. Like goodhart said they arent really double jointed but are just very flexible. I can put my right leg on top of my other leg. And the left leg on top of my right leg at the same time. Then i walk on my knees it freaks people out. Ill post pics sometime.

i can do that too. does it look like when people meditate? cuz thats what i can do.

Yup. It's pretty cool. Freaks people out since they try and do it and cant.

Ah, but the trick is to get you left elbow into your right ear LOL

i can do the leg thing but not lick my elbow or whatever you said

I was teasing. Our doctor used to tell us we are not to stick anything into our ears, except our elbow.....which will not reach no matter how hard one tries :-)

it impossible and so is licking your elbow.

Yep, with my thumbs, it is just that they don't have the part of the joint that stops it from going "too far" (so that it looks like it is either a second joint or that it is popping out of joint) :-)

It seems i'm the only normal person...can't dislocate anything, no double joints, no nothing =[

I have this spot under my throat in the middle of my ribcage that I can suck in and fill with stuff, its weird.

I can dislocate my left thumb and both hips(not at the same time)!

um, amybe you should hsave hip surgery or something< cuz thats sounds seiroius.

if u were talkin to me, I talked to my doctor, and he said it was ok to do it, so long as I don't do it more than 3 times a week. He also said NEVER to do both at the same time. It doesn't look like much, but it is happening.

what is happening? any way i do it all the time, and nothing is wrong with my arms. i cant do both at the same time anyway, so yeah that.

both my thumbs pop in and out of joint with almost no effort at all. Kept me out of sports in school years ago.

Inherited it from my uncle who was "double jointed" (really there is no such thing as a double joint, it just looks that way). Gymnastics would have been my sport of choice, and it was much too easy to loose my grip on things (rings, high bar, horse, parallel bars) or hurt myself on floor ex.

i ment why did you quit sports because of 2jointedness. also, if i got a stick in my hands, and i spin it with gloves on, nobody notices, and its fun to walk around with your hand360 and nobody knows

I didn't quit , they would not allow me to continue when they found out.

thats demented. i still play sports. but my cpoaches dont know, so i wont tell them.

Damn, that must hurt!

no, not really. its only hurts if i hold it there for a while

I can do that too, but for you, does it hurt on the wrist? For me it hurt on a tendon in my forearm.

its a little sore, but no major pain. the coolness outwiehgs the little pain that there is.

no, it makes it hurt a bit while im doing it. it doesnt hurt much

I know, but I want to know where it hurts.

um, why? it hurts a bit on where you people alway flex ya now biceps triceps?

More on my forearm, less on my (Rear?)arm.

um why are having this conversation?

Hmm, dunno. But when in doubt, BLAME BOREDOM!!!!!

Hey! I can do that, too! I remember doing this once while hanging out at a friend's house as a kid and his mom let out this horrible loud scream because she thought I just broke my arm. Until that moment I thought it was totally normal and everyone could do it.

haha! well i found out by trying after seeing a friend(not really) do it. surprisingly, baloop! and theres my hand, all the way around!

You freak, you ruined my day. Now you owe me porn (without you in it). LOL Just kidding, i know a kid who can do this, he's always freakin people out.

how could i ruin your day? and no porn, sorry.