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want 2 build a auto chicken door, will a rotisserie motor work? Answered

the motor automatically reverses direction when power stops. run cable around shaft of motor (has 20lb weight limit),run on timer.  think this will work?


It just seems to be in bad taste to me to use a rotisserie motor for a chicken coop.....

How do you reverse the motor ?


got the idea watching my rotisserie! everytime i shut down power it would change direction... all prewired in a small package ,,smaller ones for 20.00 have a 20lb weight limit...add a timer and now u have a chicken (rotisserie) door...because revolutions are slow...might have to gear it or run a longer cable.

Yes, but the 20 lbs is stuck fairly evenly on the skewer - its going to struggle with it hanging off a cord.

I'm not sure how reliably its going to reverse on demand either.

The irony of this is fantastic :D

irony...useing a rotisserie for letting them out and then cooking them too

thanks...if anyone has any more thought.. there are greatly appeciated. we learn from others or our own mistakes....its cheaper to learn from others

i have 110 voltage in coop, plug rotisserie in timer then in outlet..morning would come on ,turn shaft and cable would roll uo door. when door gets to hight needed (tricky part..adjusting legth of cable to time set on timer) timer shuts off power. at night it turns on and reverses. but would there be any problems with this idea?

Can you supply the required voltage safely? If so then may be OK.