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want help with schaer programmer Answered

hi every one i just have proplem i want any body help me to solve it 1) i build a schaer programmer with 74ls07 hex buffer and i get the power from transformer power supply i integrated in same circuit i getted from it rigth voltage 13 for vpp and 5 for vdd and i found that ic prog only support schaer programer i make hardware check on programmer and get good rating at vpp and vdd and clock and data in schaer clock and data only avalible when vdd is available i tried to program 16f628a i failed may reason vpp get after vdd ? and i also tried to program 16f684a and faied also i dont realy reason when i try to read from pic i some times get garbage data is it noise on data and clock ? is so how to remove it ? can i use this programmer with winpic800 ? if so tell me how ?