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want to build a 'UFO Detector' any ideas? Answered

I've seen some old "plans" for them on the net, built from very basic 1960's parts. I think someone could come up with some pretty neat ideas to improve on the 'old design' with some updated stuff. Eh, just an idea.


hello a friend and i plan to design and fabricate a sort of home radar/tracking system.the objective goes like this.there is a dark room and we are flying a remote controlled helicopter(a small one).it is desired that a radar/tracking system placed on the floor should track it,follow it and hit it with ping pong balls.now how to go about.we need to keeep this whole thing as simple as it could be.
we had an idea.make a hexagonal mirror drum.which rotates both in the vertical plane and the horizontal plane.360 degrees in the vertical and about 30-40 in the horizontal.rotation achieved by servo motors/stepper etc...we will position a laser beam and focus it on this rotating drum.this will scatter the laser rays in the whole room.any random ray striking the helicopter will illuminate it and a camera fitted on the rotating drum will lock the target,follow it.the rotation should stop now.and the feedback signal to a micro controller will do the analysis and fire the balls.gear trains needed..calculation of gear ratios needed.etc.what do u say?how credibile is dis?.
the objective is not to strictly do this in a room.it is aimed to b done in an open sky..think of this system placed on the ground..and above it(1 km)..in a balcony we fly a toy helicopter in any direction..this rotating head makes a three dimensional or spatial region saturated with laser beams(all reflected)...when this copter enters this area...the beam or beamS strike...a spot occcurs..and a camera on the ground captures and locks this location/co ordinate and and now follows the copter where ever it goes.

P.: i have dropped the idea of this rotating head and simply scrapped the idea of employing reflection...some people have sugested using galvos instead of stepper.share ur thoughts on this...

y not use a cam and a follower with a box containing a laser pen..this box lying in contact with the cam surface.the nature of the mechanism being oscillating cam follower...

this is all for detection purpose. there will be another system to identify the spot when the laser hits the helicopter.locks the co ordinates of the spot,and fires a ping pong at it...

just pay a 5th grader to run to you when he sees a UFO

I've seen a few dozen different interpretations of "UFO Detectors" ranging from very simple to very complex, but none that operate on sound scientific principles... and most are totally phoney. A quick search on google will turn up 288,000 results. That said, if I were to build a device to detect UFOs, I'd set up a wide-angle camera and point it up. Astronomers use them to try and capture images of meteors. You could leave the camera on 24/7, and use motion-tracking software to record only when something is moving across the field of vision. Any time something moves, it records video. You go back and review all the videos without having to watch empty sky for hours, looking for anything unusual. Considerations for this particular use of the hardware: -You'd be watching every single plane, helicopter, blimp, meteor, bird, frisbee that passed over your camera. -You'd need either a very high-resolution CCD in order to get detail on far away objects, or an electronically controlled telescope with custom software that will point it at the latest object your system picks up.

Lol yes, its easy to forget when it's too cold for carbon based life outside... Im sure I'll remember during the summer bug season.

Is the goal of this machine
  • to record the passage of difficult-to-identify objects through the air,
  • to detect the presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft, or
  • just to look cool?